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Welcome to Green Cape Media
We are an international marketing company that specializes in delivering relevant and quality online and mobile traffic in highly aggressive markets. Our primary focus is the utilisation of cutting edge online tactics and partnerships to drive the best ROI for our clients and partners. We focus on utilising SEO, Paid Search and Social Media to drive revenue in some of the most verticals. Green Cape Media works in regions across globe, including countries in North & South America, Australasia and Europe.

To gain our clients the best results and greatest revenue, we only focus on the most lucrative markets, particularly casinos, sports book and binary programs. We are extremely selective about which Publisher networks we choose to work with, looking for the same level of quality in them that we provide for our clients. This includes ensuring that we form partnerships that can offer their products in all the languages that we target for our clients including Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese and many more.

Core Focuses:

  • Paid Search
  • SEO (Multi-lingual)
  • Social Media (Multi-lingual)
  • Site Testing & User Experience Optimisation
  • Lead Generation

At Green Cape Media, we go beyond simply marketing and into the optimisation of the whole marketing process to enhance the profitability of every visitor that our clients' sites receive. We work to ensure that the ensure acquisition funnel has been optimised through rigorous testing so that our clients can be sure that they're not missing out on any value. We don't just want short term customers, we want to create long standing relationships by making sure all visitors enjoy a premium experience with us.

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SEO Traffic


SEO is one of the most value methods of driving new clients to our clients sites, because it drives the kind of targeted traffic that has a far higher conversion rate than other marketing channels. SEO is constantly changing, so you need any agency like Green Cape Media that works with cutting edge techniques.


  • Content Generation
  • Link building
  • Onsite Optimisation
  • Technical Best Practice
  • Consultancy
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Publisher Network


We work with a select group of publisher networks to find the right combinations of products and websites to maximise ROI in all of our focus regions. Green Cape Media is constantly re-evaluating all networks and trialling new potential networks to gauge their efficacy.

Focus Areas:

  • Casino
  • Sportsbook
  • Bingo
  • Poker
  • Binary
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Paid Search


Paid Search is another major focus of Green Cape Media's as we are able to use the flexible and measurable nature of this marketing medium to reach a very targeted audience. We do constant work in regulated markets to drive traffic to our clients' sites at appropriate times.


  • Brand Awareness
  • Keyword & profitability testing
  • A/B testing of adverts
  • Landing page optimisation
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  • My Work 4

Social Media


In the arenas that Green Cape Media targets, such as casinos, social media can be a tough proposition, because not many people want to be friends with a casino site. However, we have creative successful social media campaigns for our clients using innovative methods of communicating with current and potential customers.

Favoured Platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Google+
  • Vkontakte
  • Mixi
  • XING
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Green Cape Media works with a number of specialist partners who help to create a flexible best of breed solution that is tailored for each of our clients' needs. This includes partnering with specialists in online and offline disciplines including email marketing and media buying.


  • User Interface design
  • Custom CMS / Website creation
  • Adspace / Banner purchasing
  • Email Marketing
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Lead Generation


At Green Cape Media, we analyse every action that visitors to our sites take and identify all the different aspects of conversion that we can encourage. This includes utilising various online methods of lead generation, both on our clients' sites and outside of those site. This creates an ever increasing audience for our clients' to target


  • Email signup
  • Cross selling products
  • Inbound lead generation
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